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Homemade chicken soup recipes chicken noodles

Homemade chicken soup recipes chicken noodles 2020 Homemade chicken soup recipes chicken noodles   Hi today we cook best homemade chicken soup recipes chicken noodles  Now, I've got a feeling that you want to feed your family a beautiful, hearty,winter warming dish, and I've got just the thing. It's a delicious soup. It's actually a heartychicken noodle soup with cabbage. Sounds simple, and it is,but it tastes just delicious. Now, the most important thingwhen it comes to a good soup is starting with a good base, so I'm going to show youhow to make a really simple stock which actuallywill turn into the soup. The first thing you need to do isgrab just a little bit of olive oil and pour that into a pan and then scoop up your vegies. Here I've got some onions.So that's going to go in first. Beautiful. And I've got some celeryand some carrots, so you throw all of thatinto the same pot. A little bay make homemade chicken soup recipes ch

How to make best nestle products recipes in lockdown

How to make best best nestle products recipes in lockdown Best lock down recipes in home  How to make best best nestle products recipes in lockdown don't worry Am here with new recipe so,  Hey everyone we all know that it takes only 2 mins to prepare Maggi so why don't we invest 5 more minutes to make it more flavours  so I am going to show you guys recipe of 4 different flavors of Maggi your mouth must started watering by just looks of these flavored Maggi so, let's begin first of all we will boil Maggi today I am making How to make best best nestle products recipes in lockdown4 different flavours of Maggi that's why I am using 4 Packs of regular Maggi i have kept water for boiling once water comes to a boil then add Maggi noodles make sure to add Maggi noodles after water starts boiling otherwise your Maggi noodles will get sticky not adding salt at this time will add it on later stage and also we will be adding Maggi taste maker too in later stage boil it

Easy dinner recipe | simple dinner ideas

Easy dinner recipe | simple dinner ideas  Simple dinner ideas  hey y'all! welcome back to my blog if you are new here my name shu and welcome so in today's post I'm gonna besharing four 10-minute dinner recipes that you can whip up super quicklyduring the week you can even make these in advance and that way you'll haveleftovers throughout the week but yes this video is a part of my new healthymeal prep series that I started on my channel and if you've already seen thevideos in that series then you'll know that I've already using you guys somemake ahead breakfast recipes and lunch recipes and even some snack options butI haven't really shared many dinner ideas with you so I'm really excitedabout today's video because nail you're gonna be equipped with everything youneed to start healthy no prepping you've got your breakfast ideas lunch ideassnack and dinner ideas so today I'm gonna be sharing my chicken fajitalettuce wraps my

5 Best high protein breakfast recipe for weight loss

5 Best high protein breakfast recipe for weight loss 5 high protein diet  Hey y'all! welcome back to my blog if you are new here my name is Shu and welcome so in today's post I'm gonna besharing five high-protein breakfast recipes that are gonna keep you full allmorning long and of course I'm gonna throw in some healthy fats into theserecipes because y'all know I love my healthy fats but the healthy fats aregonna keep you fuller even longer they're gonna help to balance that bloodsugar which is gonna help to avoid cravings and this video is a part of myhealthy meal prep series on my blog if you need a meal prep ideas forbreakfast lunch snack and even dinner options I'm gonna go ahead and leavethat meal prep playlist linked for y'all below but without further ado let's getstarted the first recipe is my turkey sausage breakfast casserolenow this one is keto and paleo friendly so the first thing that I like to do isto go ahead and add all of the

How to make oil free sandwich in home easily

 How to make oil free sandwich in home easily  Oil free sandwich  Hello Friends, Welcome to the Recipe Today we are going to make Oil free Sandwich We will make some roasted and some without roasted sandwiches So take Green Chutney like this For making Green Chutney, we take some Coriander leaves, Mint leaves, Green Chilies and some Salt and grind altogether Take Beetroot and grate it like this Take some Chaat Masala And take some Curd Here I take Yogurt, as I make the homemade Yogurt Video of Yogurt is available on my channel, please watch it And it is not necessary to use Yogurt, you can take Curd also Just keep the curd in the strainer for 1 hrs So put 2 tsp of yogurt in each 2 bowls like this Put some Green Chutney in one bowl Put some grated beetroot in another bowl You can put Some carrots also So first of all, we will make a Sandwich of 3 slices of bread Put the Beetroot and Curd mixture on the first slice of bread You can make this sandwich at night and in the morning y

How to make easy ice-cream In home

How to make easy ice-cream In home  Homemade ice cream  Homemade Ice Cream Hi Everyone! I got a request to show to make homemade ice cream without using an ice cream machine. Now I love this idea!And I'm going to make it using just two ingredients. And I'm customizing the flavors to some ofyour great suggestions. So let's get baking! You will never see me making something on our blog Baking that you can't recreate with basic kitchen equipment. So today forour ice cream all you need is a stand mixer or a hand mixer and two ingredients--thatis it! First, we're going to add in our cream intoour mixing bowl and we're going to whip it on medieum speed until it forms soft peaks.When your cream is whipped, we're going to pour in our condensed milk. Make sure youstick around to the very end to see what great ice cream flavors I've got coming up. We're going to turn back on the mixer to mediumspeed and we're going to beat it until it mixes all t

Easy cup cake recipe in different flavour

 Easy cup cake recipe in different flavour  Easy Cupcake recipe   Hi Everyone! Do you remember my pizza dough? One dough that made loads of different flavours. I also made a crazy bread dough. Now these things were a huge success, so Ithought to myself, why not share another one with you, this time, crazy cupcakes. So let’s get started. So before we get started, the recipe for these cupcakes can be found on, recipe of the day along with all my other recipes, so make sureyou go over there and check it out. And if you haven’t already done so, makesure you tap that subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming post. Okay, let’s start with our cupcakes. Now I am using a stand mixer, but you canalso use a hand mixer, and the best thing is, you can actually even make these by hand,just make sure that your butter is nice and soft at room temperature. Into your mixer, add in your room temperaturebutter, then all you want to do is turn on your machine to medium speed and just

20 useful kitchen tips for everyone

20 useful kitchen tips for everyone  Kitchen tips Hi everyone and welcome to my kitchen where anyone can cook I'm Shu and in today's episode I'm sharing with you all 20 kitchen tips that will be very useful for you in case you haven't seen kitchen tips part 1, watch it by cicking here! and if you're newe to my channel make sure to hit subscribe! click the notification bell as well! so you keep getting updates on the latest post Make sure you give love this post ! and share your kitchen tips in the comments box because in part 3 we'll be releasing your kitchen tips! so let's begin with today's episode, let's get started! when using a cling wrap, it can be difficult to pull the sheet out and usually it tears for that, always keep it in your refrigerator whenever you want to use it, simply take it out and it'll come out easily, use and keep back in the fridge! to make biryani we cook it on a low flame, which usually means the rice gets stuck

How to make homemade pizza dough recipe easily

 How to make homemade pizza dough recipe easily  Hoe made pizza dough  Hey, everybody.and with everybody being cooped up at home, it is a great time tomaster your pizza skills. I'm sharing all of our secrets to our family's favorite pizza dough. It takes just a few simple ingredients to make a restaurant-quality pizza dough that is chewy and crisp. And, I'm hungry, so let's get started. (hands tapping) (bell chimes) To make the pizza dough, you'll need one and a fourthcups of warm water, not hot. Make sure it's between 105to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Add half a tablespoon of fine sea salt and one teaspoon of honey, then stir those together to dissolve. Sprinkle the top with half ateaspoon of active dry yeast, and set it aside to prooffor about five minutes. Meanwhile, fill a large mixing bowl with three and one-thirdcups, or 420 grams, of all-purpose flour. Create a well in the centerfor pouring in the liquids. Give that yeast mixture a quick stir. Then po

Some mistake when you cool chicken

Some mistake when you cool chicken  Chicken mistake  Hi everyone most people think "easy"choice of meat, but the truth is that getting it right is actually pretty tough. You may even be surprised at just how manyof these poultry-based mistakes you're making in the kitchen, and that chicken deservesbetter. "Who loves chicken? People put a lot of thought into how theirbeef looks, and chicken really shouldn't be any different. There are a few key ways you can tell whetherchicken is any good or not. Firstly, the meat ought to be bright pinkall over, including in the crevice areas, such as the thighs and wings. If that chicken is going gray, it's goingbad. The flesh should be firm but not stiff, andspringy to the touch. Equally, chicken that has developed an odorshould be avoided like the plague. Finally, there should be absolutely no bloodvisible on the meat. Follow those rules and you'll be going homewith a potentially tasty chicken. There's nothi

How to make veg biryani in home easily

How to make veg biryani in home easily  Hi every one today we will make veg rice biryani in hone easy and simple way .which is popular and well known in part of biryani but its dor non veg audience who love biryani but don’t like non veg who have right option to eat veg biryani. This recipe is very simple and twice in a week cooked in all indian kitchen. Here veg biryani is stable and maintained diet and right meal for everyone. This veg biryani is full fill with good amount of carbohydrates, Protin, micro vitamins and many more useful vitamins which we add, when cook we control all ingredients according to our condition and situation. So without wanting tour time lets go to make our perfect veg biryani in hone easily . Lest go we started meal with basmati rice which is long and perfect rice to make veg biryani. We use pot to make your veg biryani and you have patience to stay few minutes we make veg dum biryani spec recipe.veg dum biryani takes log time to cook . Am trying to

Best pizza hut pizza recipes | how to make pizza recipes

Best  pizza hut pizza recipes|How to make simple pizza Hut pizza recipes   Pizza hut pizza recipes Hi  everyone today i will comeback here with new recipes of pizza hut. You have to know when we think or taking about pizza we got first name which is Usa and Uk  countries because world most pizza lover in that country and also worldwide. Few years ago no one know about pizza and many breakfast food and recipes but now days we have lots of options for eating. But now too much options are available, makes confuse everyone to which item to make for breakfast, lunch , dinner and many more but pizza hut pizza is only one recipe who eat everyone and everywhere, is easy recipe comparing other special dishes which consuming our time and too effort. So now tou don't need To order pizza you can make pizza hut pizza in home easy and simple way. So without wasting your time we go to kitchen wait first you have to know sone tips and ingredients . Today we follow basic