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How to make chicken sandwich in crunchy and tasty sandwich

How to make chicken sandwich in crunchy and tasty sandwich 

How to make chicken sandwich in crunchy and tasty sandwich , sandwich in homemade
Chicken sandwich recipes 

Hi everyone and today I'm gonna show you how to make crispy chicken sandwiches. These are crispy on theoutside and so juicy inside. I love these even more than going out, and homemade is just always better. I think these are gonnabecome a new favorite. And wait until you see the batter we use. It's so good. All right, let's get started. To make six chicken sandwiches, start with three medium chicken breasts. Cut those in half lengthwise. Place your chicken cutlets between two sheets of plastic wrap. We're gonna pound these to get them to an even half-inch thickness so that they cook more evenly. It's easiest to use a meatmallet if you have one, but some simple householditems will also work. Sometimes you can find chickenthat's already pre-sliced into cutlets and save yourself a step. Now that the chicken is even in thickness, we're gonna whisk together our marinade.
In a medium mixing bowl, combine one and a halfcups of lowfat buttermilk, one tablespoon of hotsauce, one teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of black pepper,one teaspoon of onion powder, and a teaspoon of garlic powder. Stir that chicken marinadetogether to combine, then add the chicken cutlets,turning them to coat. You want to make sure thecutlets are fully submerged in the marinade, because thatmarinade will tenderize them and give them great flavor. Now cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at leasttwo hours or overnight. Giving it time to marinate will ensure tender and juicy chicken. Once that has been marinatingfor at least two hours, you can take it out of the refrigerator, and we're gonna make our breading. In a medium bowl, combineone and a half cups of all-purpose flour and twoteaspoons of baking powder.
Season that with two teaspoons of salt, a teaspoon of black pepper,one teaspoon of onion powder, one teaspoon of garlic powder,and a teaspoon of paprika. A well-seasoned flour mixture is key here, so do not skimp on those seasonings. Whisk that all together to combine. Now it's time to dip thechicken into the flour mixture. Remove one piece of chicken from the marinade, letting the excess dripback into the bowl. Now dip the chickeninto the flour mixture, turning to coat, andpressing that flour mixture onto the chicken with your hands.
For the best fried chicken, you want to make sure youhave a thick and shaggy layer of that flour mixtureon each chicken cutlet. Once you have thecutlets dredged in flour, transfer them to a wire rack. Repeat this process withthe remaining cutlets, coating each one generously. Once all of the chicken pieces are coated, you're gonna heat one inch of canola oil or vegetable oil in a largesoup pot or a Dutch oven. Heat the oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, just before puttingthe chicken into the hot oil, dip it one more time in the flour mixture. Cook the chicken two pieces at a time. You don't want to overcrowd the pot so the temperature of the oildoesn't reduce too quickly. Keep the oil at about 300to 325 degrees Fahrenheit while cooking your chicken, and adjust the temperature as needed.
 You're gonna cook for aboutthree minutes per side, or until the internaltemperature of the chicken has reached 165 degrees Fahrenheit on an instant-read thermometer.
Keep in mind, the temperatureof the chicken will rise at least five degrees onceit comes out of the oil. Transfer the chicken to a clean wire rack, and let it rest and coolfor about 10 minutes. Resting the chicken ona wire rack like this will ensure it stays crispy all around. Repeat this process with theremaining chicken cutlets. Monitoring the temperature of the oil and the temperature of the chicken is key to making great fried chicken. I'll leave links to thetwo thermometers I used and all of the tools weused to make this recipe in the notes. Ho ho! Who is ready for the taste test? I love to serve these whilethey're still fresh and warm, because that's when theoutside is the crispiest, 'cause I just can't resist that crunch. Okay, we're gonnaassemble these right away, and because I'm hungry. Now, let's do this. And make sure you toast your buns with a little bit of butteruntil they're golden like this because it makes all thedifference in a sandwich. Just trust me on that one. Okay, I'm excited. And we're using a fry sauce. If you've never tried fry sauce, it's just mayo and alittle bit of ketchup, and I will link to thiscombination in the notes. It's so easy, it's so good. We also use this for burgers. So let's start byputting a generous amount on the bottom bun and the top bun. We love having juicy sandwiches.
Nobody likes a dry sandwich. Now, this is the order that we like, because it seems to keepthe bun from getting soggy. You start with the pickles. And I love these crunchy dill pickles. Sweet pickles wouldprobably be nice here, too, if that's what you prefer. And now, the lettuce. I love this curly green lettuce. It's so pretty. And next, thick slices of tomato. I have a feeling that thissandwich is gonna be really tall. And the taste test should be interesting. Okay, and last but not least, the chicken. Okay. Which one to pick? Let's go with this one. This one looks extra crispy. And if you let the chickenrest on the rack like this, it keeps it from getting soggy. It's better not to use paper towels. This works much better. I think we have a sandwich here. Let's just... I'm just kidding. But I will need that, I'm sure. Okay, here we go. Look at that. That is huge.
Love it. I love it, love it. Oh, my hungry belly loves it. Okay, here we go. Look at that. Look at those layers. Ooh! Crispy chicken sandwich. Yum yum. So here we go. I'm gonna try to bite into this. This is gonna be fun. Okay, hmm. Mm hmm. This beats restaurant chickensandwiches all day long. It doesn't get any fresher than this. Yum, and I love that it'sjust all the best ingredients in here. The chicken is juicy,crisp on the outside. I love that little crunchwhen you bite into it. This is so good. And that fry sauce? Try it. It's so easy, but it willchange all your sandwiches. This is my new summer sandwich. Looks good on me.Oh, I hope you guys love this. I hope it becomes a new favorite for you. And we'll see you in our next post


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