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Types of modak In english

how to make modak | modak recipe in marathi | hindi | english | chocolate modak and modak images  Hello everyone welcome to everyone. Healthy cooking expert Brings you Healthy recipe in the most delicious way Friends Our Ganesh Chaturthi 2020  is about to come And On this occasion everyone how to make "Modak" at home So that's why today i bring Modak recipe Friends everyone makes modak at home And everyone eat modak very well So some times sugar gets extra because modak is eaten daily Due to which those who are on weight loss we have to eat but later we feel guilt So, that's why today we will make little healthy modak which you can eat on weight loss And will benefit you on daily basis So friends, today i will not make modak from sugar I will make it from jaggery Because you know Jaggery is more beneficial as compare to sugar This does not make you gain And it have its own benefit.  It have high amount of Iron, calcium and it is good for digestion So today we will mak

How to make paneer butter masala at home | paneer butter masala recipe

  How to make paneer butter masala at home | paneer butter masala recipe  Paneer butter masala recipe  Hi everyone Today we have prepared very delicious and easy to cook Paneer Butter Masala Before we begin, please share and subscribe to my blog. Email to get notifications from my blog. Also, read blogs to get notifications from our new recipe. So lets begin with today’s recipe - before we start people also love paneer butter masala dhaba style and paneer butter masala by sanjeev kapoor recipes but we make it special today with combination of test paneer butter masala recipe ghan tou don't need to search anywhere how to make paneer butter masala recipe or paneer butter masala by sanjeev kapoor to you cook by your self this recipe is very simple in just 30 min you completed your paneer butter masala recipes so lets go and prepare paneer butter masal recipe Ingredients -Rice ,Potato ,Pancake We will make a paste by cooking onion and Tomatoes. We will add Large size roughly chopped on

7 foods should You avoid for clear skin | toxic food | best food for skin

   7 foods should You avoid for clear skin | toxic food | best food for skin to skin care                                  Ok Hey everyone Avoid food for skin ! 7 foods should You avoid for clear skin | toxic food Have you ever considered that some of the food’s you eat are toxic to your skin? No, we aren’t talking about junk food. Sometimes it’s the unexpected ones thats hock us. It is true that some of the foods we think are healthy can be harming us instead! In today’s video, we will be talking about these 7 unexpected foods that can be harmful to your skin. Could protein-rich sushi rolls be the culprit? Are rice cakes and breakfast cereals your enemy? What about dairy? We’re talking all that AND more. Specially food for healthy skin and food for bad skin Avoid food for skin. #1 Sushi Those delicious sushi rolls aren’t great for your skin . As great as it is on your taste buds, thisJapanese delicacy can give you a puffy face. Sushi is a preparation made from vinegars rice accompanie

What can I make at home during lockdown?

What can I make at home during lockdown?    Lockdown recipes in home Hi everyone, think about  What can I make at home during lockdown? this question got everyone .  We'll be using these veggies as toppings. Let's add the tomato first. Capsicum Yellow bell peppers And Onion. Make sure you chop them finely. In spice, we'll add red chilli flakes Oregano. You may also use mixed herbs instead. Black pepper powder. And salt. Don't add too much salt as we'll add cheese later which already has salt in it. Mix all the veggies together. You can use any veggies of your choice. I used the ones I had with me. You can add corn or olives to it as well. Whatever veggies you or your kids like can be used in this recipe. Now add Pizza Sauce on top of bread slices. This is a homemade pizza sauce.  If you want me to share its recipe with you, please leave a comment below. If you don't have pizza sauce, you can use ketchup instead. Now we'll add our veggies to it. Spread the ve

Raksha Bandhan Special Recipes | Rakhi Recipes | Recipes For Raksha Bandhan 2020

Raksha Bandhan Special Recipe | Rakhi Recipes |  Recipes For Raksha Bandhan 2020 Rakshabandhan best cake recipes  Hello everyone welcome or welcome back to green tea-shot Festive season is here raksha bandhan is so in this today, and we make  Raksha Bandhan Special Recipes | Rakhi Recipes |  Recipes For Raksha Bandhan 2020 daily I will be sharing some easy tasty and quick sweets recipes in this week. I mean I will be sharing sweet recipes every day this week. This recipe has been everyone's favourite  recipe since childhood the most favourite sweet So today I going to share that recipe with all of you that melts in the mouth I hope you all have subscribed to my channel, if not then post, Let's begin the recipe!!! Here I have put a non-stick pan on medium flame In the pan I am going to put 3 spoons of clarified butter. If you measure this using a cup then it will be around half-a-cup As soon as the butter starts melting we will add here one cup baking flour If you have this cup