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Types of modak In english

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 Hello everyone welcome to everyone. Healthy cooking expert Brings you Healthy recipe in the most delicious way Friends Our Ganesh Chaturthi 2020 is about to come And On this occasion everyone how to make "Modak" at home So that's why today i bring Modak recipe Friends everyone makes modak at home And everyone eat modak very well So some times sugar gets extra because modak is eaten daily Due to which those who are on weight loss we have to eat but later we feel guilt So, that's why today we will make little healthy modak which you can eat on weight loss And will benefit you on daily basis So friends, today i will not make modak from sugar I will make it from jaggery Because you know Jaggery is more beneficial as compare to sugar This does not make you gain And it have its own benefit.

 It have high amount of Iron, calcium and it is good for digestion So today we will make healthy modak With jaggery.this is best modak recipe in india .

2nd .. We will use coconut powder in it we have taken 1 cup jaggery powder .You can take normal jaggery in place of it Then we have taken half cup coconut powder Desiccated coconut powder we have taken 1/3rd cup of chocked dry fruits In which we have taken cashew, walnut, almonds And Pistachio I have chocked them very well you can take any thing else dry fruit of your choice Friends, one more healthy ingredient which i am going to use in it is Flex seeds Flex seeds I had told you in my some of previous video that how much flex seeds and dry fruit are important for healthy weight loss Flex seeds have very good fiber and it is very beneficial for our health So flex seeds will make our modak more healthy. So that we can eat it and can take its health benefit I have dry the flex seeds And we will mix 2 teaspoon  flex seeds in it It is completely optional We are using it just for healthy purpose If you don't have and you don't like it then it will not effect its taste Even then our modaks will be made the same And for making it healthy i will suggest you to use in it Expect that we taken 1/4th cup of Cardamom Ground cardamom And slightly we need butter 3-4 spoon only So friends with this lets start making healthy modaks Friends lets start to make modak For that we have taken a pen First, we will add 1 spoon of butter And will melt it by putting jaggery powder in it We just need to melt it no need to extra cook it and we have to keep it running Otherwise it will stuck in it we will melt it very well Friends see our jaggery has been melt Now, we will turn off the gas frame in this stage And now we will add 1/2 cup desiccated coconut, Dry fruits cardamom powder And 2 teaspoon flex seeds powder Mix it well We have to mix it well and let it cool down Only after that we will modak of it It is very hot so keep it to cool down Friends, now it become little cool Don't let it cool more otherwise it will dry and we will have to face issue in modak You have to allow it to cool down so much that it is worth touching then we will add 2 teaspoon butter from it these will become healthy and will help us to tie them easily mix it well Friends to make modak , after it we will make them in this modak mold Modak mold is easily available in market These come in both plastic and metal varient And it come in all sizes This mold is slightly bigger You can take small one. This is best modak recipe and modak recipe in Marathi and modak recipe in English.

This way it will open We have to fill our mixture in it like this We will fill in it like this press it well to fill Like this And we will open it see what a great modak Press it well And open it Like this So friends, see we have made our all modaks About 6 modaks have been made in it as much material we had taken Because these modaks are of slightly bigger size If you make small size then you will also make more You can double the measurement if you want to make more quantity So friends, instant healthy modaks are made in 2 minutes. Now, you can eat them guilt free These are modak of very good dry fruits our modak are ready So friends, Ganpati is coming And this time you will definitely to make healthy modaks I will also bring 2-3 types more modak recipe in upcoming post.If you haven't subscribe my blog. So please do Because in upcoming post i will tell you how you can make modak without sugar And we will provide you more 1-2 recipe of modak So friends that's it for today see you in next recipe Till then thank you and love you all .you want to find modak recipe and modak png and modak images or modak recipe in Marathi translate this blog or use translator.